professionalSMTEquipment and components,And sales of peripheral products Repairer


RefinementJUKIEquipment components

  • majorSMT experience


  • Professional maintenance team


  • quality Technical assurance

    Double guarantee

technical support

  • technical service

    1. Provide relevant technical data,Assist in design Technical problems in installation and operation.

    2. Operation of training specialty maintenance staff.

    3. Provide technical data specified in the agreement,Send technicians to the site to assist in installation,Be responsible for quality,Provide comprehensive and thoughtful technical services for users.

    4. Large machines are available to assist with installation Commissioning work.For product service life:20 More than years,One year maintenance service.

  • After sales support

    1. Scope of services Installation instructions Debugging and troubleshooting,Provide vulnerable parts.

    2. Normal equipment installation and commissioning guidance If the user needs,Our professional service engineer will, if permitted24 Arrive on site within hours to provide services.

    3. Troubleshooting After receiving the user's fault notice30 Reply in minutes,Our professional service engineers will, if permitted24 Service personnel arrive at the site within hours,according to Deal with it first,Post analysis According to the principle of.

    4. Long term supply of vulnerable parts,Only material cost will be charged if the warranty period is exceeded.Long term tracking of equipment operation.

    Solemn promise Customer satisfaction is the only standard of service!